Take control, and guide 'em to the goal
Use your quick thinking and trusty stylus to tap your way past contraptions and enemies as you guide your Mini to the exit.
To get started, tap an amiibo™ figure to your
Wii U GamePad controller or New Nintendo 3DS XL system.
Unlock the Mini Toy version of that character, then guide
your Mini through to the exits of tricky, puzzling levels.

You can use any Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS system plus the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer accessory (sold separately) to read amiibo.

Minis on the move

Tap your Mini Toy to start marching, then guide it through levels filled with enemies and traps.

Create connections
across pits...
and make paths with pipes...
to guide your Mini Toy
to the goal.

Levels include handy Objects like Long Springs–and the Cannon Kong, which launches your Mini Toy to blast away blocks!

Special moves with select amiibo figures
Tap in a unique character's amiibo figure, then use its Mini Toy's special ability to reach its amiibo Door and unlock its special set of levels!
Use your Mini Toy's unique ability to reach their special set of levels!
More than60
levels to play
Complete every level with Mini Toys!